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  • Refresh and reset your energy

  • Release long-held tension and trauma

      in the body, mind, and spirit

  • Train your body and being to receive

  • Melt away stress and anxiety

  • Activate and integrate personal transformation

  • Enhance your beauty and radiance

" When you step into my treatment space you are welcomed into a sanctuary for your soul. I hold a space of healing for you.. for whatever is moving through. Everything is always in transition and therefore we are always in a state of healing or transformation. Your treatment is a time when you can exhale even deeper and allow the gift of intuitive, heartfelt touch to be your medicine. " - Nia-Hope

" Yesterday I had my first treatment with Nia and I'm incredibly thrilled! I've been to beauticians and spas but I've never experienced anything like it. What Nia is doing with her hands! She connects a lot more with her touch, which is absolutely wonderful ~ Healing for the body and soul. The massage had a quality that led me into a meditative, timeless state. And at the same time, I wish time would standstill " - Nadine