I M A G I N E . . .  

... a world where we trust the whispers of our hearts and each

person's unique beauty, gifts, and soul essence are celebrated by themselves and each other.

Imagine... looking in the mirror - loving and accepting what you see and feeling intimately connected to the earth and to your body.


Imagine... having the courage follow your intuition, your divine spark and inspiration ignited - free from restricting ideas and beliefs. 

It's time.

To embody your full potential.

To trust the whispers of your heart.

My name is Nia-Hope and it is my mission to share with you, knowledge, wisdom, practices, and experiences that will help you to connect to your body as a sacred vessel, and to live a life enriched by self-acceptance and a deeper sense of belonging.


Through my Healing Journeys, Wellness Rituals, Courses, Ceremonies, and Adornments I offer you the opportunity to shift into new ways of being, to embody your most authentic and empowered self and to move deeper into self-love. May you feast in your senses, and ignite the fires of your creativity. May you walk the path of love and joy for yourself and the rest of creation. Inlakesh - I am another you. 

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