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ADVENT HEART POWER Online   4-WEEK COURSE   02.12 - 23.12.2020

We meet in sacred space.. a circle of women, to share in our embodied spiritual practice ~ Yoga, Dance, Meditations and rituals. Each session a journey into the heart of our matter.. into the wisdom of our bodies, to tune it ..feel.. move.. release and integrate. Sharing from our individual experiences.. growing and reforming - as, for and with the collective.

During this course through November and December, as we approach the winter solstice and the festive season we bring our practice to our hearts to balance and empower the energetic flow and exchange the runs through this Anahata Chakra and to give fuel and nourishment to the hearts fire.

A special Tea Ceremony for the Winter Solstice completes our Advent of Love on 23.12.

Each session supported by creative musical weaving, sound healings, oils and intuitive guidance.

This is a closed group course so that we can feel the integrity of the circle. 

4-week course - €60


18.30-20.00 UK

19.30-21.00 Central Europe

13.30 - 15.00 Eastern
10.30 - 12.00 Pacific