" Imagine a world where we trust the whispers of our hearts and each person's unique beauty, gifts, and identity is celebrated by themselves and each other..."


... In this world, the wisdom of the body is deeply honoured and everyone has access to information, resources, and support for their optimum well-being and thriving.

My name is Nia-Hope and it is my mission to share with you, knowledge, wisdom, practices, and experiences that will help you to connect to your body as a sacred vessel, and to live a life enriched by self-acceptance and a deeper sense of belonging.


Through my Healing Journeys, Wellness Rituals, Courses, Ceremonies, and Adornments I offer you the opportunity to shift into new ways of being, to embody your most authentic and empowered self and to move deeper into self-love. May you feast in your senses, and ignite the fires of your creativity. May you walk the path of love and joy for yourself and the rest of creation. Inlakesh - I am another you. 

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